In 1978, Eduardo left the Dominican Republic for New York City in search of the American Dream.

He left behind 13 brothers and sisters and worked tirelessly as a dishwasher and busboy until he saved enough to realize his dream..
In 1984, Eduardo opened his own Dominican luncheonette in Brooklyn.

He offered his family’s favorite dishes – rice and beans, yucca, tostones, mangú, stew beef and chicken, and roast pork.

Customers always asked, “Hey Eddie, where’s the hot sauce?”

At the wholesale produce market, Eduardo and his cook found spicy peppers from back home.

Now, in 2016, thirty two years later, Eduardo hangs up his apron and passes the family recipe to his three children who’ve created PISQUEYA to share the love, good fortune and legacy of their hardworking father and the flavors of the Caribbean.