Spice Up Your Life With These 5 Hot Sauce Games!

Spicy Games
Think you’re a true hot sauce lover? Put it to the test with these fiery games!
Your best bet is to play with hot sauces you absolutely love. You can grab all our Pisqueya sauces here.
Bring on the flavor and heat, it’s time to get saucy!

1. Hot Sauce Roulette:

Just by the name, you know what to expect – kind of. This is a game of spicy chance. Instead of filling up all the shot glasses on the wheel with alcohol, add hot sauce to half of the glasses. You know how we love adding our own twist, and this will surely spice things up.
Spin the wheel and take the shot fate has given you! This game is simple, yet fun, and let’s not forget nerve-racking! Are you getting a shot of liquor or a shot of hot sauce? The suspense will keep you on your toes.
Hot Sauce Roulette can be adjusted to your preference with additional rules, making it even more entertaining. Ready to take a gamble at the expense of your tongue?

2. Truth or Dare (Hot Edition):

Most of us have played Truth or Dare at some point… isn’t it a bit dull when someone keeps choosing “truth” to take the safe route? Well, no more! For many, avoiding a dare won’t be the goal anymore with this edition.
It’s time to spice it up some more! In this game, all you’ll need is plenty of hot sauce, a pair of dice, and some shot glasses.
When you decide to choose “truth” instead of “dare”, you must roll the dice – the die that lands on the lowest number specifies the number of truths you must share, while the die with the higher number indicates the amount of hot sauce shots you need to take. Did the die give you too high of a number? Then you have the option to take as many shots as you can and complete the remaining amount with dares! You choose how to split it up, but no one is safe. Worth mentioning that those who choose “dare” cannot be dared to take shots of hot sauces.
This game livens up the traditional Truth or Dare and will get things caliente very quickly!

3. Spicy Checkers:

Pick up a checkers or chess board and ditch the pieces. Your moving pieces are now dark shot glasses, half of them filled with water and half with hot sauce! In this game, you must be careful because winning comes at a cost. Every time you take out your opponent’s shot glass, YOU must drink it. This makes the game a bit more complex, so think twice before making a move. Are you ready to take a chance?
Spicy Checkers sure gives a deeper meaning to the phrase, “I’m on fire!” Every shot glass is loaded with a possibly spicy consequence – will you end up drinking the one with water or the one with hot sauce? You just don’t know until you drink up. Let’s go find out!

4. Spin the Bottle (Spicy Edition)

Set up index cards in a circle with one letter from the alphabet written on each. You’ll also need to fill up some glasses with the good, peppery stuff. Now, it’s time to put a bottle in the middle of the circle and spin.
Once the bottle’s top points at a letter, the spinner should call out one of the following: noun, adjective, or verb. Once the person who spun the bottle makes their choice aloud, the clock starts ticking. Starting from that person’s left, one at a time each person must quickly yell out a word that both falls under the chosen category and begins with the letter the bottle landed on. Here is where it gets a bit harder, you cannot repeat any of the words mentioned by others within a given round. You keep going around the group, and first one to get stuck, must take a shot of hot sauce.
The only person safe per round is the spinner.

5. Hot Sauce Cooking Contest:

This one is tastier than the others and is perfect for a nice get-together. You and your friends can decide on a meal that blends deliciously with hot sauce. Next, a consensus on the total amount of hot sauce needed in each serving must be reached, along with a time limit. Then, it’s up to each of you to do it all strategically. Use your favorite Pisqueya flavor to make sure you present your friends with your own scrumptious take on the savory dish. Any of our three flavors can be the perfect addition.
This competition is creative, amusing, and will improve your cooking skills (hopefully). Need some inspiration? Check out some Pisqueya-infused recipes here.
It’s time to chef it up and create your own version – let the cook off begin!

As a last note: remember that it is always a good idea to have plenty of cold water and/or milk around whenever drenching your taste buds in hot sauce. Hope you enjoy these games and have a flavorful time!

What hot sauce games get you going? Share with us below.

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