“After trying it once, it is now a staple in my pantry!”

“The Adobo is the PERFECT seasoning to any meal – seriously”

“It smells just like Grandma’s house”

“This Dominican hot sauce from Pisqueya has changed the game!”

“I’m not a hot sauce lover, but Pisqueya converted me into one”

“Pisqueya Hot Sauce on Vegan Pizza Gives me LIFEEEE!”

“IT WAS SO GOOD. I drowned it with everything I ate.”

“LOW-CARB FISH TACOS, I added PISQUEYA hot sauce for the win!”

“But he also likes to top his eggs with a special Dominican hot sauce he swears by called Pisqueya”

“Sunday night vegan dinner prepared ain’t complete without my Pisqueya Dominican hot sauce.
Fabulous on the burgers, ‘chupa mis dedos’ goood!”

“I got hot sauce in my bag, SWAG!”


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