In 1986, Maritza Abreu’s parents opened Puerto Viejo, a restaurant where Brooklynites could enjoy the flavors of Dominican cuisine. It was there that the first batch of Pisqueya hot sauce was born.

With time, it became evident to her that there was something special about their sauce. Why would customers ask for second pours and extra to take home?

Three decades after the restaurant first opened, Maritza is now the second-generation owner; and she’s bottling and selling Pisqueya. In the process, she’s come up with her own recipe, a milder take on the original. Both varieties are thoughtfully crafted for flavorful gatherings around any table. Maritza personally oversees the creation of her sauces, using only fresh and high quality ingredients influenced by the natural way of cooking of her ancestors.

Pisqueya is a mission – based company, with a commitment to creating and sharing real foods and flavors, and advocating for authentic community.