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6 Icons You Probably Didn’t Know Were Dominican

While many in the US may not know much about Dominican culture off the top of their heads, the island has been contributing to global entertainment, sport, fashion and music for a long time. Latinx populations across the Caribbean and Central and South America have a varied genetic makeup because of the heavy integration of races and ethnicities throughout history, starting with the Spaniards’ colonization in 1492. However, ingrained racism and colorism has erased many Afro-Latinx people from history. Most Dominicans actually have European, African, and Indigenous ancestry, and our diversity makes our island vibrant. There are many Dominicans who […]

The Dominican Republic: A Brief History

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From its rich history and physical beauty to its food and music, the Dominican Republic stimulates all of the senses. Together, these trademarks shape the distinct culture that has developed over centuries. Despite this, the country and culture are unfamiliar in many parts of the United States. Many Americans don’t know what the Caribbean island is or what it means to be Dominican. Because of this, Pisqueya wants to shed light on our paradise and share its spirit and lifestyle with the rest of the world. Our Motivation: Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in NYC, within […]